Welcome to Postural Systems, a unique wellness consultancy and wellness architect now in Harley street. A lifetime in the industry – Postural Systems evolves continually and now brings you an exceptional and a much needed, revolutionary approach to your wellness.

These 21st century treatment plans are individually designed for your overall wellness, body systems and structure. Whether that be because of regular headaches, sports / gym injuries, back pain or stress.

Postural Systems offers rapid results, essential reduced recovery time and significantly improved performance. To achieve these outcomes we use technology that is uniquely pain free, gentle and relaxing.

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“Rainey has the gift of insight and knowing exactly what your body needs. Whilst other practitioners focus simply on the place where your pain is coming from. Rainey’s Postural Systems expertise gets to the heart of the matter by looking at the whole picture and addressing the issue on multiple levels.

Her treatments are a whole new world for the future of healthcare that you must experience to see the benefits that it can bring to your life.”

Karen Williams, Global Business Extraordinaire


At Postural Systems we innovate to provide rapid, time saving and effective results – this reduces recovery time and improves performance

“I visited postural systems in early 2019 as I was suffering with headaches, a sore neck and shoulders. The idea of having a massage would make me shudder as it was so painful. My neck was leading towards a dowagers hump. There was also pain in my left hip which my doctor could not diagnose. My knees were painful and feet felt tight. After 6 sessions my posture was totally changed. From the feet up I am straighter, more space and movement in my hips, chest has opened and dowagers hump has totally gone. No more headaches or hip pain.

During the treatment I could feel tension releasing and I could feel how different parts of the body were connecting.
People ask me if I have lost weight. I haven’t, instead my posture has improved. Working with postural systems is one of the best things i have done to sort out my body and mind. I highly recommend it for stress, aches and pains anywhere in your body.”

Charlotte Malmberg, Business Architect


Rarely does a treatment combine so much – seeing the whole picture and getting to the heart of the matter

Modern day living and stress go hand in hand. In an ever evolving world, we need to perform at our best. Under prolonged stress and pain this cannot be achieved and will eventually affect our health, wellness and quality of life.

Postural Systems multisystem approach is the most detailed, time saving and effective way to alleviate stress, ensure increased vitality and increased longevity.
This is vital, as we are living longer.

We use multisystem technology to ensure you are stress free and pain free as this is necessary for your rapid results and improved performance.

Each treatment is individually designed and tailored, so consultations can also be done online.

Book now, email or call us for your step towards vitality and see where this will lead.

Finally enjoy a new found freedom within, stress free, pain free and with your best performance.

Consultations start from: £195.00

“Having played sport and lifted weights fairly intensely over the past 10 years, I have suffered many of the associated injuries including pain in my lower back and lack of mobility in my shoulder. I was recommended to Postural Systems as i was looking for a longer term solution. The numerous physio and deep tissue massage sessions have been painful and effective only for a very short time.

At Postural Systems, I was surprised at how subtle the treatment was and how effective it was. Not only is the discomfort in my lower back and shoulder gone, an old congestion issue in my sinuses has also cleared. So lying flat on my back is no longer annoying and uncomfortable. This is a passionate lady and extremely innovative and I would highly recommend this work.”

Simon Locke, Credit Suisse Ltd International Trading Solutions

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